On-Site First Aid

Medical ServicesCDS offers on-site Basic and Advanced First Aid services staffed by trained and licensed medical professionals (Paramedics/EMT’s). Our “medics” can support your worker wellness program by providing blood pressure and vital sign checks, medical care and treatment of minor aches and pains, and First Responder care for serious injuries or illnesses. CDS First Aid services can be provided through one of our professionally staffed and equipped on-site trailers, in a “store-front” facility near the jobsite or in an available area of your office or facility. Workers have a sense of security, comfort and well-being knowing that On-Site First Aid services are immediately available if they become ill or are injured on the job.

As an employer, you benefit because our immediate medical care reduces your lost time and productivity costs associated with sending workers to an off-site medical facility. We also help with claims reporting, record keeping, accident investigation and more to augment your loss control program. CDS’ first aid trailers are available for any worksite including Owner and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs, and benefit employers and workers alike.

offers two life support options for major construction sites, as follows:

BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS) provides for “first response” emergency medical services (assessment, stabilization, etc.) before medical support arrives or the patient is transported to a clinic or hospital (if necessary). Otherwise, any minor treatment would be administered by the on-site CDS medic and the injured employee would be able to return to work. Staffing for Basic Life Support can be done with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) personnel, who provide non-invasive first-aid care and treatment, with direction from a Medical Director (MD).

ADVANCED LIVE SUPPORT (ALS) provides for the same medical care and treatment that would be provided by ambulance medics (medications, intubations, cardiac monitor defibrillators, injections, IVs). This would be classified as a non-transport program allowing treatment to be rendered with the required paramedic’s Standing Medical Orders from our designated Medical Director.

For additional information on how an on-site First-Aid program administered by CDS can assist your organization, please contact CDS’ professional staff at (800) 439-1454 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .