Drug Testing

St. Louis Drug TestingCDS is an international leader in providing Drug-Free Workplace program development, implementation and administration services. CDS programs are designed to help employers improve workplace safety and performance, reduce work-related incidents and thus minimizing workers compensation costs associated with alcohol and drug abuse. CDS will evaluate your specific company needs and recommend a program to help you meet your safety and cost-reduction goals. CDS serves all industry sectors, with a special expertise in the unique Drug Testing and Medical Service requirements of the construction industry.

CDS has the proven management experience and technical expertise to help your organization or association in the development, implementation and administration of a comprehensive drug testing program. These programs incorporate specific policies and procedures customized to meet your defined objectives and offer employers, project owners and Unions a uniform and consistent approach to program administration. Comprehensive drug testing programs help employers, groups of employers and Unions provide an objective, fair and manageable set of procedures for drug testing employees.

CDS offers drug testing services on-site at your office or job site, or at any of our thousands of available collection sites throughout the United States and Canada. CDS is also an industry leader in providing on-site collections for major construction projects to help reduce production and wage costs associated with sending an employee off-site for a drug test.

The following drug testing methodologies are available to you:

All of CDS’ clients can take advantage of our internally developed, proprietary and confidential SATIS system (Substance Abuse Testing Information System) allowing employers 24/7 real-time access to determine if a current or prospective employee is eligible for immediate job placement without having to provide a drug test.

For additional information on how CDS can help your organization design, establish and maintain a successful, compliant and cost-effective drug testing program for your organization, please contact a CDS professional staff member at (800) 439-1454 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .